4% Off at Market Basket through 12/27!

Look what I saw on the front page of the Market Basket flyer: 4% off your total purchase now through December 27th, 2014! What a nice surprise, eh? Now let’s just hope they don’t start raising prices to offset this discount.  I wonder if that will be off your total before or after manufacturer coupons? Either way, its good news!

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  1. Kevin says

    Which Ad did you see the 4% off your order at Market Basket and is this Market Basket chain in New England or the one in the South? I asked employees at different stores in MA and they have no clue what’s going on. Just curious and thanks in advance for your reply to my question.

    PS- Is there a week ending date on the Ad you saw this on?

    • Rachel says

      It was on the ad that starts 1/12 and the ending date (which is pictured on the blog post) is 12/27/14. So it hasn’t started yet, that would be why employees don’t know. I got this flyer in the mail today. I live in southern NH, but I assume its for all locations as it didn’t list any particular store on the ad. And yes, its for the Market Basket stores in New England.

    • Rachel says

      Awesome! I shopped today in Rindge, NH and it was automatically coming off when items scanned, much like it would look like at Shaw’s when something was on sale. It did not come off of the milk though, which is fine, the fine print did say it excludes it.

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