Unique Valentine’s Day Gift: Wicked Whoopies

Are you looking for an extremely yummy and unique Valentine’s Day gift for your loved one?  Tired of giving candy and chocolate? Think outside of the box (literally and figuratively) and take a look at what Wicked Whoopies offers.  Wicked Whoopies is a Maine based company that make to-die-for treats called whoopie pies.  The company started with a mom in her kitchen, making these treats and selling them to local stores.  Soon word spread about these whoopie pies and the company has grown ever since.  Wicked Whoopies have been featured on Oprah, the Food Network, the Rachael Ray show and on the Phantom Gourmet.  They are THAT good!

When you think of whoopie pies, you are probably imagining a classic one with chocolate cake shells and fluffy cream filling. Wicked Whoopies makes a mean Classic Whoopie.  I have to say that it rivals even my homemade ones (without the mess and hassle too!). They also make a smaller version of it called the Classic Mini, which are the perfect single serve portion.   A box of Classic Minis comes with 20 whoopie pies, great for sharing and giving to your Valentine.

I also received a box of a variety of their regular sized whoopie pies.  My box contained Red Velvet, Classic, Chocolate Lovers and Raspberry Cream.  I love chocolate, so the Chocolate Lovers was right up my alley, but the Raspberry Cream is what rocked my world.  Its not something you’d expect in a whoopie pie, but it was light and fluffy and the raspberry filling gave it a nice tang to cut sweetness. I love that you can build your own variety box of a dozen whoopie pies, choosing from about 20 different flavors ranging from Peanut Butter to Mint to Banana Cream.  Yum, yum and YUM!

My husband’s favorite was by far the Red Velvet. He loves Red Velvet cake and this whoopie pie was like a handheld version of it. Perfection was his word for it.

And now I’ve saved the best for last…the Whoop-de-Doo.  The Whoop-de-Doo is a classic mini whoopie pie dipped in rich chocolate.  It reminds me of a snack cake that you buy at a convenience store, but much much much better tasting.


Many times when you purchase commercially made baked goods, they have an off taste, like they either have chemicals in them or aren’t fresh.  Let me tell you, through the task of sampling all of the varieties I received, each one tasted fresh baked and were absolutely divine. Many thanks to Wicked Whoopies for sending me their scrumdiddlyumptious creations.

You can purchase Wicked Whoopies at one of their retail bakery stores in Freeport or Gardner, Maine.  You can also purchase them online on their website or through QVC.

Disclosure: Wicked Whoopies provided product samples in order to facilitate this review.  However, any opinions expressed are my personal and honest thoughts and have not been influenced in any way.

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  1. ingridbuck says

    Those are very lovely. Indeed a perfect gift this Valentine’s Day. A box of chocolates reminds of my boyfriend. I wonder what gift he will give this coming Valentines.

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